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Terms and Conditions

Billing Invoices – Terms are Net15 due within 15 days from the date of the Invoice.  Invoices are generated at the beginning of each month for work completed during the previous month.

Late Payment Fee – Late payment fees are calculated on the maximum amount allowed per state.  Per state usury maximums can be found here. States that have no usury limit will be calculated at a maximum of 50% annual percentage rate.  The maximum per state usury percentage will be calculated on a per day basis based upon the invoice total and begin the day after the Invoice due date and continue each day thereafter until Invoice is paid in full and will not exceed the per state maximum usury limit.  Partial payments against Past Due Invoices will be applied to any late payment fees first, remaining balance will be used for calculating future fees. **DISCOUNTS ARE ONLY VALID WITHIN THE TERMS ABOVE AND WILL BE LOST UPON THE FIRST DAY OF LATE PAYMENT.  FEES WILL BE CALCULATED ON THE NON DISCOUNT INVOICE AMOUNT.

Fixed Quote Billing Invoices – All Fixed Quoted Billing requires a 50% deposit to begin work.  30% payment will be due at a “milestone” or 30 days later, whichever is sooner, late payment will result in a “Work Stop Order”.  Final 20% payment is due upon the completion of project.

Subscription Billing – Subscriptions will be charged on the 1st of every month for the current months subscription.  Requesting and/or agreeing to any subscription Digital Web Ink Limited offers, you are agreeing to this monthly recurring, auto payments via credit card.  To cancel, please reach out your point of contact for DWI.

*Fees and Terms subject to change at any time.


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